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ADIC 2018 - Hospitality & Tourism

Africa │ Another vital part of any well performing economy - Hospitality and Tourism.

The task in hand is the advancement of African business and the expansion of the current scope of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). One of the ways we, at the African Infrastructure Development Partnership (AFIDEP), aim to achieve that goal is by connecting international investment and business with the huge volume of bankable projects that currently lay untapped in Africa.

ADIC 2018, being held in Zurich on the 25th and 26th of October, is our annual event that we believe is the perfect collaborative platform needed to showcase the size and breadth of opportunities that exist in Africa, both for those with a desire to break in the low-competition, rich African markets and the entrepreneurs who seek international investment to get their projects off the ground.

Wide Scope of Discussion

Of course, there is huge scope for improvement in many aspects of African commerce and how it interacts with international trade and investment, which is why we’ve split the convention up into different, but equally important sectors. Each sector has its own room, seminars, set of speakers and forum facilities for discussion on the opportunities and barriers that currently exist in the sector in question.

Here, we look at another vital part of any well performing economy - Hospitality and Tourism.

ADIC Is Also Changing the Narratives

This is South Africa.

This is South Africa

"Contrary to popular belief, South Africa is not devastatingly poor with an unstable government. South Africa is to a large extent two countries within one . On the one hand it is a first world state, especially the major cities such as Cape Town and Johannesburg."

In 2017 according to fin24, travel and tourism contributed R412.2bn (US$30.48 billion) to SA's economy.

South African Tourism CEO Sisa Ntshona was quoted as stating that tourism is vitally important to the South African economy, and that the sector should be nurtured for sustained and inclusive growth. South African Tourism

The Importance of Hospitality and Tourism to an Economy

A thriving tourist and hospitality industry in any country has a incredibly uplifting effect on its economy, offering a range of welcome byproducts:

Income Generation - Huge amounts of revenue can be generated, which benefits both the government and all of the hotels, attractions and restaurants that are needed to cater for increasing levels of tourism. A virtuous circle can be created, with a major portion of this revenue being reinvested into the industry and a range of other associated sectors like agriculture being boosted as a result.

Job Creation - Significant numbers of directly associated roles in the sector are created when it is performing well, as there is a large number of job vacancies created for travel consultants, resort staff, hotel staff, to name just a few...

Strengthens Traditional Indigenous Industries - Tourists that come to visit Africa have a genuine interest in the local, traditional products. In fact it is something that is actively sought out - providing revenue that actually protects traditional African practices and produce.

Visit the ADIC 2018 room that focuses on this sector and you’ll meet the major players in the African Tourism and Hospitality Industry and be party to discussions regarding global trends, developments, entry opportunities and innovations.

Book Your Tickets NowThe good news is, there is still time to ensure you or your organisation is in Zurich when the magic happens. We already have a long list of confirmed keynote speakers, influencers and sponsors, so this year’s convention, which is sure to be the most productive yet.

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You can book your tickets (which are available of a first come, first served basis) by registering here.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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