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Supply Chain Management (SCM) Opportunities In Africa

Without an effective distribution network, none of the products created will be able to get to their destination.

The task of generating profitable partnerships between international investment and African businesses and other bankable projects is a complex one. In order to effect meaningful, positive change to Africa’s image to the wider business world, we work tirelessly at AFIDEP to raise awareness of the potential that exists on the continent and to connect bankable projects to interested parties looking to break into the African markets.

SCM Value Chain

There are many challenges that need to be focused on and improved at ADIC 2018 in Zurich on October 25th and 26th, which is why we have split up the convention into sectors, each dealing with a particular aspect of the job in hand.

The Importance of Supply Chain Management.

One of those sectors is ‘Supply Chain Management’, which in terms of importance is right up there, as without an effective distribution network, none of the products created will be able to get to their destination in a timely manner. .

A supply chain that is fit for purpose will achieve a number of virtuous effects, including: .

  • It improves the customer experience, meaning goods and services are delivered to the end customer on time and intact.
  • Operational costs are reduced, meaning the businesses using it are more profitable.
  • The financial health of business are greatly improved, with increased cash flow.

In addition to its many benefits to business growth and job creation, an effective supply chain makes the country or continent involved, much more able to react to emergency situations and relief efforts. It really is a ‘win-win’ scenario when employed properly.

Up For Discussion at ADIC 2018?

When the many parties arrive in Zurich for ADIC 2018, the seminars and discussion relating to supply chain management will focus specifically on warehousing, transport and distribution and the delivery phase, which puts the products and/or services in the hands of the end user. .

We believe that by getting everyone together and tackling the issues that exist head on, we can make great progress and make real our vision of an ever increasing Africa Free Trade Treaty area. The tools are at our fingertips and it is our responsibility to use them.

Tickets Still Available

There is a real ‘buzz’ around our convention this year, with new major partners joining all the time and influential keynote speakers already committed to attending, which is why it is the perfect venue for anyone with an interest in a more prosperous, freely trading African continent.

Whether you represent an organisation or you’re an entrepreneur yourself, we would love to see you there and it’s not too late to reserve your place - something you can do by registering here.

all of Africa’s business sectors and with your participation, we can turn that potential into real, tangible success for everyone concerned.

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The African Development & Investment Convention (ADIC) is a one-stop-shop and access point to entering the African market. It is an annual convention devoted exclusively to promoting Africa as an investment and trade hub through public-private partnerships, project-investor matching, and showcasing of bankable projects across all sectors.


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