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Nigeria – The Indisputable Silent Giant

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Noted geographical features in Nigeria include the Adamawa highlands, Mambilla Plateau, Jos Plateau, Obudu Plateau, the Niger River, River Benue and Niger Delta

ADIC 2018 Financial Technology (FINTECH) Discussions

Africa │ FINTECH provides convenience, fluidity and overall accessibility of financial products that empowers business, people and social inclussion.

Promotion, Investment, Development, Empowerment (PRIDE)

On the cover of The Economist in May 2000, Africa was described as “The Hopeless Continent”. But on the December 2011 cover, it was a different headline, this time, “Africa Rising”. What changed? How did Africa (re)discover its PRIDE (Promotion , Investment, Development, Empowerment)? How can this PRIDE be maintained and improved? What challenges are encountered?

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Country: Switzerland

About ADIC

The African Development & Investment Convention (ADIC) is a one-stop-shop and access point to entering the African market. It is an annual convention devoted exclusively to promoting Africa as an investment and trade hub through public-private partnerships, project-investor matching, and showcasing of bankable projects across all sectors.


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